Cloudless Festival in Seattle

We had an amazing time in Seattle! Thanks for all of the support. If you missed it, check out photos below by the lovely Paige K. Parsons.

Don’t forget! We’re playing Lincoln Hall July 3rd in Chicago with Ramesh (Voxtrot) + Windy & Carl. A mid-summer dream pop performance!

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Jaclyn featured on Natalie Joos’ Tales of Endearment

“I’m meeting Jaclyn Slimm, a New Jersey expat, who moved to Chicago about a year ago when her band Mahogany signed a contract with BLVD Records. She saw my cries for help on Facebook and decided to show me around. We’re going vintage shopping in Wicker Park, a commercially entertaining neighborhood a good 15 minutes northwest of the central “Loop” where my hotel is located. As I pull up I find Jaclyn on the stoop of Store B Vintage, with a bouquet of roses and mint leaves she brought for me. Adorable!”

Read the entire story + interview here >>

Read the entire story + interview here >>

Just Announced: Lincoln Hall July 3rd w/ Ramesh + Windy & Carl

Tuesday, July 03 2012 • 9:00 PM • 18+ • $10.00 ($12.00 Door)

• RSVP to the event on Facebook HERE

• Purchase advance tickets HERE

DYNAMISM MMXII: a summer evening of perfectly dovetailed space rock & dream pop, featuring the soothing sounds of WINDY & CARL, shimmering pop gems crafted by RAMESH, and the sultry white-heat sway of MAHOGANY.

“MAHOGANY never fall back on atmospherics alone. As gorgeous as these sounds are, they always seem to have a place within the greater plan of the song.”
— Pitchfork

“For all you kids out there missing Voxtrot’s shimmering pop angst, Ramesh Srivastiva returns with RAMESH, taking cues from electronic dance music just as much as he does from Voxtrot’s indie pop roots.”

“While it may be hard to define WINDY & CARL’s sound, the guitars, bass, occasional keyboard and vocals are generally ambient in nature – music great for coloring the background, or foreground, of any activity – walks in the park, driving, afternoon naps …. Similarities can be drawn to some of the 80′s ambient pioneers as well as modern classical music. They create music with a wide range of atmospheres, from a warm fuzzy blanket, to a deep ocean, and to the open spaces of a frozen antarctic.”
— Brainwashed