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SXSW 2012 – Bands to Watch #1 – Mahogany

Many thanks to Scott McDonald at Surfing on Steam for the kind write-up. We’re eager to play SXSW in a few months! Stay tuned for some exciting Mahogany updates!

“Here’s the first post where I attempt to sway SXSW attendees and music fans in general into investigating some of the Austin music conference’s most talented and inspiring bands. Not all of these acts are new, and many have several albums, singles and/or exhausting tours under their belts. But there’s a lot to cover, and I promise I won’t waste your time with hype.

First up is Mahogany, one of the quintessential dream pop groups of the last decade and beyond. “Supervitesse” points to the band’s futuristic pop and progressive themes, and can be found on their superb 2006 sophomore effort, Connectivity!. Watching this clip feels strange because they look so young, and the group has seen so many members come and go. I’ve been following them religiously since their masterful debut, Dream of a Modern Day, back in 1999. They’ve yet to tour the west coast. Needless to say I’m very excited to finally see them perform live.”